Keep It Fresh & Clean

Healthy hair is any barber’s delight. A healthy head of hair makes a great cut truly exceptional. There are a few tips that I can offer you to keep your hair and scalp in good condition between visits.

  1.  Sanitation – some people notice the use of Barbicide at the booth. This is to keep bacteria from growing between client servicing. Using this product at home can also keeps various bacteria from accumulating on your personal utensils specifically your brush. I recommend giving your brush a good spray down and soak followed by a good rinse, once a week, to kill any bacteria that may be present from daily conditions and exposure. Although it seems like a small task, it is important and can make the difference in your hair. Especially if your ultimate goal is to keep it Wavey.
  2. Moisture – all scalps produce oil naturally. Depending on your hair type how much oil is present in your scalp may show up in your hair. For those who want the shine, I recommend a daily regimen of applying tea tree oil. This will give your hair a nice shine as well as keep up the health benefits from the weekly Barbicide cleanse. Healthy hair and scalp is major key for all men.
  3. For those of you attempting the ideal hair pattern, keep in mind the use of wave caps at night will keep your hair tamed between cuts. Adding a few drops of oil daily and wearing a good cover at night should keep you on track and I will take care of the rest!

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