Tools Of My Trade

A brief description of my favorite tools so you can get a feel of how I enjoy completing my work:

Razor blade: This is by far my favorite tool. It is sharp and I have the most control in order to get the detailed lines. Everyone loves smooth but sharp lines, even the ladies notice. I find that I can immediately see the quality detail provided to my clients hairline once I have completed your cut. Sharp blade, sharp lines!

Cordless Clippers: This tool gives me free range and makes it easier to work around my clients without twisting the chair so often and getting tangled up in all of the cords. Especially with my younger clientele who often fall asleep. It takes away some of the performance pressure when I can focus on the cut and not where the cords are going. I look forward to being completely cordless as the options are made available.

Shears: These are the most timeless tools for barbers and nothing beats their precision. If your hair has quite a bit of length I am most likely going to use the shears to remove the excess hair. I am fond of using shears instead of the blades for the hair that wont lay down or what some folks call the fly aways. I would rather not cut you too low with the first swipe, the devil is in the details.

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