Booking with BJ

I am here at the shop because I love what I do. I love what I do because it is something I have worked at for years perfecting. All businesses have a point in the day or week where it can get slow and during this time at JB’s we love our walk-ins! But, I want to highlight the benefits of setting appointments with me:

First booked, first served. Those who have appointments will always be seated before those who walk-in. Each of our clients are important but sometimes the wait that can happen, especially on a busier day, is not ideal for everyone. Even if you have a last minute need I always encourage my guys to call ahead and see if I can schedule them. You can also book with me online on the homepage.

My typical schedule is Tuesday – Friday between 11am – 6pm, this is when I highly encourage setting appointments for the best use of your time. But, we always get a few good laughs at the shop and you are more than welcome to hang out! n Saturday my I am available 9am – 4pm and I will work walk-ins as necessary.

I am willing to arrive early or stay late but these types of arrangements should be booked with me via a phone call or text. Please make sure times are confirmed. (405) 738-4710

My ultimate goal is to provide a quality cut with a unique experience while you are in my chair and  I am always glad that you chose me to maintain your wave!

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